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Procedure for Breach of Values & Beliefs

In the event of a breach of Camp's values and beliefs, the Board of Directors will attempt to bring about the restoration of the individual, dependent upon the nature and extent of the breach, with the following steps.

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Investigation of Complaint/Admission

Two members of the Board of Directors / Chair of Camp Committee / designate shall review the issue with the individual(s).


At their sole discretion, the Board of Directors may vote to limit the individual(s)' involvement with camp, or refrain from being on camp property, during the investigation.


During the investigation, should the individual(s) admit to the breach, the Board may vote for one or more of the following actions for the individuals(s):

  • Restore to full / partial responsibilities

  • Restore to full / partial responsibilities under probationary terms

  • Suspend for a set period of time

  • Suspend and review the issue in a year's time

  • Recommend seeking of professional counseling

  • Termination / severance of Association (for serious breaches)


These actions are dependent on the individual(s)' repentance, and the nature, frequency and severity of the breach. The Board's decisions will be provided in writing to the individual(s).

Severance of Association/Termination

Should the individual(s) deny the breach and a breach is found from the investigation, the Board may vote to proceed to:

  • Suspend and review the issue in a year's time

  • Termination / Severance of Association


If the individual(s) are formally employed by the Camp, no compensation will be provided upon suspension or termination.

Appeal of Boards Decision

Individual(s) may appeal a Board's Decision once by writing the Chair of the Board within 30 days of receiving the decision.


The Board will read and discuss the appeal's merits at their next scheduled meeting. They may uphold their original decision, modify their decision and overturn their decision.


The Board's decision for the appeal will be provided in writing to the individual(s).

Questions or clarification about our values and beliefs can be directed to

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