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Rental Information

Our facilities are available for rent to accommodate special events​ in the off-season.

Field House

Cost: $100.00 / Day or Overnight

Details: Winterized building, 14 beds, kitchenette, 2 bathrooms with showers

Dining Hall (Kitchen)

Cost: $50.00 / Day

Details: Available with Dining Hall Rental

Cabin - Earl Simpson

Cost: $15.00 / Day or Overnight

Details: 10 beds available in 4 rooms

Dining Hall (Main Hall)

Cost: $200.00 / Day

Details: 120 person(s) capacity, 1 bathroom

Cabin - Camper

Cost: $10.00 / Day or Overnight

Details: 8 beds / cabin, 10 cabins available, washrooms with showers in separate building

Cabin - Leaders Cabin

Cost: $25.00 / Day

Details: 9 beds available in 4 rooms, bathroom with shower


Rental Details

There is an additional $50.00/day fee to cover costs of opening/closing and daily water testing, and a per person fee of $2.00 / day.

For More Information

For further information regarding rental availability and details, please contact:

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