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Values & Beliefs

Oneida Baptist Camp ("Camp Oneida") has establish these values and beliefs to guide their ministry and mission. It applies to the use of its campus/facilities and to its committee members, volunteers and staff.


Our Dedication

Camp Oneida is a youth and family-oriented Christian camp whose focus is to bring individuals closer in their relationship with God, through His son Jesus Christ, who died and paid for our salvation.


We dedicate our camp's campus and facilities to the Glory of God, to be used for:

  • Formal instruction of scripture found in the Holy Bible

  • Informal/everyday situations to teach, correct, rebuke and train

  • Activities that foster bonds of Christian fellowship

  • Spiritual gatherings and witnessing opportunities that meet our values and beliefs

Values & Beliefs

Authority of the Old & New Testament Scriptures

God's inspired word, through the Bible, has final authority over all aspects of our lives, our beliefs and everything we do. It is the primary tool we use to teach and disciple others. Its interpretation follows from the tradition of the Baptist churches within our three founding Baptist Associations and the Canadian Baptist convention (CBOQ).

All Have Sinned & Fall Short of Gods Standard

We recognize that, because of sin, no one is worthy of God's glory, and it is by grace we are saved. No sin is greater than another. Although we can never achieve God's perfect standard, we understand that the Lord forgives us when we ask for forgiveness, repent and turn from our sin. Out of love, not judgement, we hold each other to account.

Leadership is Held Accountable

Those called to roles of Christian leadership, who oversee, teach, counsel and witness to others, are held to a higher standard for their words and actions. Those who recommend and approve people for leadership are accountable for their decisions.

Our Lives Honour God at All Times

We have dedicated our lives to God, and seek to live lives that are pleasing to Him at all times, not just when we are at camp. Our actions, deeds and words, both written and spoken, will be recognized as positive examples of our commitment to follow Christ.

Our Daily Lives & Nurturing of Spirit

Our daily lives are nurtured through the fruits of the spirit, lived with:

  • Love - unselfish, unconditional towards one another, as God loves us

  • Joy - rejoicing in the comfort of the Lord in all situations

  • Peace - tranquility, understanding from trusting in the Lord

  • Patience - endurance, accepting God's will in His time

  • Kindness - goodness of heart, steadfast love shown through gracious aid

  • Goodness - positive words and actions, integrity, without ill-intent

  • Faithfulness - loyalty, dependability, worthy of trust

  • Gentleness - Being gracious, considerate in our interactions

  • Self-control - being in control of one's actions, refraining from temptation

We refrain from practices that are incompatible with Christian scriptures, including, but not limited, to the use of illegal drugs or abuse of prescription drugs, drunkenness, theft, fraud, promotion of beliefs incompatible with Christian faith, engagement with pornography, bearing false witness, profanity, obscene speech, abusive speech and behaviour.


Our interactions with others, through friendships and relationships, are respectful, encouraging, uplifting, and honour others above ourselves. That marriage is a covenant with God between one man and one woman, exclusive of all others, and that sexual intimacy is only within marriage.


We respect and care for God's creation, and are good stewards with the talents, gifts and resources He has provided to us.


Breach of Values & Beliefs

Should a breach of our values and
beliefs occur, Camp will follow their
Breach of Values and Beliefs process to investigate and determine appropriate actions.

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